amir در حال جدایی با هدف صیغه یابی و ازدواج موقت از سایت تهران

شناسه در سایت: 272435
تاریخ عضویت: 1391/10/09
Im just human and i also commit mistakes. Lots and all kinds of mistakes, big and small. I love watching stars at night. While watching i listen to classic love songs. Then my mind fly and dreams on many things. Wishing there will be someone sitting beside me. Someone who will hold my hand in case I lost my balance. Someone who will put a blanket in my body in case i sleep suddenly. Someone who will watch sun set together with me. Someone who will love and accept me for what I am. Someone who will love me not just because of my positive and nice attitude but also love me even though i have some negative attitude too. I am not perfect person. For me true love is a full acceptance of that certain person. Love that person in every piece of his life. True love is like being responsible on words you promised and dreams you have to make it true. Many people say Love is complicated. Actually no, Love is not complicated because Love is Simple and Beautiful. Its just we humans who make it complicated. Love is a gift by God. No matter what gender you had as long as you know how to use your heart... then ... be happy because you know how to Love.
مشخصات عمومی برای همسریابی
نام: amir
سن: 40 ساله متولد 1356/01/01
محل سکونت: شهر تهران از استان تهران
وضعیت ازدواج دائم: در حال جدایی
قومیت: سایر
تعداد فرزندانم: 10
سن بزرگترین فرزندم: 18
اطلاعات شخصی
مهمترین معیار ازدواج موقت: شخصیت
شیوه زندگی: همراه با خانواده
محل زندگی: جنوب شهر
مصرف سیگار: خیر
مصرف الکل: بله
شغل و تحصیلات
تحصیلات: لیسانس
وضعیت اشتغال: شاغل
دین و مذهب: سایر
وضعیت حجاب: آقا هستم
وضعیت مالی
میزان درآمد: کمتر از 100 هزار تومان
وضعیت اتومبیل: بدون اتومبیل
وضعیت سلامت
وضعیت سلامت: سالم
مشخصات ظاهری
قد: 178
وزن: 76
رنگ پوست: سبزه روشن
زیبایی - یک کمترین: 1
تیپ - یک کمترین: 1